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Lab Puppy


Thought I’d let you know things are going wonderfully!!! We think Abby is the perfect dog for us. She’s asked to go out twice and when she’s out she’s woofed (one woof) when she’s ready to come back in. The back yard has been thoroughly investigated. But even though dogs next door and behind us were woofing, she didn’t join in. She’s getting accustomed to our rules – like no dogs on the couch or bed and no dogs in the kitchen when the humans are cooking and dogs exit the car through the back door. She’s figuring out when we have treats and meals. About 4:30 last evening she started nudging me about dinner. At 5:00 she was a very happy girl to see that dinner was served. She’s gotten loads of loving both at home and at the office today and she found the puddle of sunshine on Connie’s office floor! She’s SO affectionate and happy. Right now she’s curled up behind my desk chair. Thank you so much for taking such good care of her!!! Talk to you later, Kate M.