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Coco & Sharon

Here are excerpts from a lovely note CILRA received from adopter Sharon K.:

I do not know what you did, but it was really special. I received a call from Dena on July 1 for a dog that was just surrendered the day before. I drove up to get Coco on July 4 and it was love at first site….for me at least. She is so well trained, I cannot believe it. She always walks behind me, waits to go out the door until I give her the OK, does not eat her chow until I say “take it”, etc. I absolutely love her. Last night she ran (the first time I have seen her run) to the front door when I returned home. I usually come in through the laundry room and she apparently does not hear me as well.

I thought that she would never eat, but finally after 29 hours she did. Now she loves to eat. She loves to eat too much…the vet says she needs to lose 20 pounds and she is limited to 2 1/2 cups of chow daily….but we do manage a few treats now and then….all low calorie ones until yesterday. I stewed some chicken for chicken salad and gave her some cooled chicken broth, just 1/2 cup so as not to upset her tummy, but she was hooked. She loved it. Today I let her have a bit of plain yogurt and a little piece of chicken while I was making chicken salad.

The vet I am using is a friend of my son’s. It is a bit of a drive, but like to see someone my family knows.

My eldest son did NOT want me to have a dog since I have some back problems. He has since apologized to me and said “Mom, I think I was wrong. This is really what you need.” All in all Coco and I are a good fit….we both need to lose weight, need to walk more and plan to grow old together.

I plan to buy some raffle tickets to help out CILRA and maybe send one of my 7 children and some grandchildren to Disney World. I am already a winner with Coco. She makes my life complete. Thank you for all that you do/did for this wonderful dog. I forgot to mention….she does not usually bark. I had her for more than 1 week before I heard her bark and then only once when someone came to the front door. What a great dog!!   — Sharon K.