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Spotlight on Levi!

Hi fellow Lab lovers! We wanted to give you an update on 10 year old Levi…….Levi came into the rescue in the beginning of January, an owner surrender that lived outside for most of his life.  His family thought he was “becoming to much” so they decided to send him to animal control and be…

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Brodie & Teresa

One word comes to mind to describe the adoption of Brodie……..AWESOME!  During my search for a dog and desire to help a dog in need, I found CILRA to be a great organization to work with.  My interest was in an older dog that needed a home.  Was looking for a dog that would enjoy…

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Honey looks happy with her new Mom, Kim (center), along with Kim’s Mom and a friend.


Thought I’d let you know things are going wonderfully!!! We think Abby is the perfect dog for us. She’s asked to go out twice and when she’s out she’s woofed (one woof) when she’s ready to come back in. The back yard has been thoroughly investigated. But even though dogs next door and behind us…

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True confession time – my husband and I are hopeless Lab-a-holics!  But after raising two Labrador Retriever puppies… well, let’s just say we’d had our fill of potty training, sleepless nights, veterinary emergencies (stitches, gastric lavage, corneal abrasion…), backyard escapes and youthful canine mayhem.  So back in 1998, we added our first CILRA adoptee, a…

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