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Christmas in Spring! “Here’s a picture of my Willow with Santa! I adopted her May 1, 2017. She has been such a blessing to me! Words can’t express how thankful I am for CILRA and being able to give Willow a forever home where she is loved very much!!”  — Pat B.

Belle Comes to Florida

Belle, a 9 year old yellow girl, formerly named Bo, became homeless in late February after the very sudden and unexpected death of her owner, Connie B., an early CILRA adopter and long-time volunteer in Indiana. Sadly, Belle was taken to the local shelter the next day. Connie’s good friend, Julie, became aware of Belle’s…

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Buddy is doing great. We love him very much. His back right leg gives him some problems but otherwise he is fine. He is a happy go lucky dog. Here he is taking a nap with one of the cats on his bed! — Diana M.

Charlie has a new family!

Charlie’s new family – Congratulations!


[Shared by Foster Mom Jessica A.] Hello! I am entering hour 4 with Junior & here’s what he has to say about it so far— “I got a bath at the pet store and met some really nice people! I had never been to a store before, I just really wanted to say hi to…

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