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  • Male
  • Chocolate
  • 11 yrs.
  • Fostered In:
    Lafayette,, IN
  • Status:

Sampson is a sweet senior chocolate Labrador who wants nothing more than to be with his human. He has a favorite toy that he carries everywhere, including when he goes outside to the bathroom. He follows his foster family from room to room and just wants a rub down and pat on the head, and loves to have his ears rubbed. Sampson has been great with everyone and every dog he has met – small and large. He does not need to be food-restricted, as he does not overeat. He will do just about anything for bacon! He enjoyed going camping with his foster family – he acted like a young dog and enjoyed exploring the area and running around. He listened well when called back to camp. He is doing well on his arthritis medication and supplements. He is very loving and sweet. Sampson does struggle with stairs and would need to be in a single story home. He snores when he sleeps soundly and whimpers if you leave him behind to go outside without him. He has learned his name(s):  Sampson, AKA Sammy, Sam, Sam Man and is learning the “come” command. He is fostered in Lafayette, IN.