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  • Female
  • Yellow
  • 8 yrs.
  • Fostered In:
    Indianapolis, IN
  • Status:

Butter is a sweet 8 1/2 year old female Lab. Her yellow/white fur is silky soft and she loves to be petted, especially under her chin and neck.  If you are sitting nearby and your hands aren’t already busy Butter will use her nose to let you know she needs some attention.  Or she might just lay her head on your arm!  Butter has excellent manners and is very quiet – she doesn’t counter surf or chew and can be trusted to be left at home.  She is alert and interested in what’s going on and while she likes to be with her family she’s just as happy laying quietly by herself.

Butter would be most comfortable in a home without other dogs and without children.  She’s working on losing some weight which will help with her arthritis.  Like many older dogs she is on thyroid medicine and will have on-going expenses for medicine after adoption.

Butter is fostered in Indianapolis, IN.