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This page is devoted to those beloved Labs who are no longer with us. If you have stories or photos to share, please click here. To donate through PayPal in a particular Lab’s memory, click here.


We adopted Sammy in 2008. He quickly became part of the family. He was the most loving dog, and always wanted to be near his family. He even jumped out to get to us outside. Sammy did many silly things, but that was part of his charm. Last March Sammy had come down with the…

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I had my Max for a wonderful 10 years and his son Kody for 11 years. Kody passed last fall. They went everywhere with me in the car. Max was a true retriever, chasing tennis balls and if he didn’t have one he would bring me anything available, even a blade of grass. Kody loved…

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We adopted Buffy when she was one year old in 2000 and had to say goodbye in August of 2014. She was the only dog we had for those 13 years. She loved riding in the boat and floating in the lake but mostly to just be by our side. We miss her sweet nature…

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We loved Ruffio with all our hearts for the 11 1/2 years he was a member of our family. He brought such joy to our lives and we have many fond memories of his playfulness and his love of food. He was a counter surfer almost to the end of his days – even when…

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Tucker became part of our family on March 1st, 2014.  I knew from day one that I had picked up a troublemaker but I loved him all the same.  He tested my patience many times as he got into the garbage, took off after rabbits and raccoons, tore up his toys and tennis balls within…

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