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This page is devoted to those beloved Labs who are no longer with us. If you have stories or photos to share, please click here. To donate through PayPal in a particular Lab’s memory, click here.


I was intrigued by the profile, describing a delightful 6 year old laid back chocolate Labrador named Max. In December 2011, Max became my new canine companion. He started out weighing 93 pounds, needing to lose a few. With daily walks, he became lean and had a spring in his step, weighing 72 pounds. He…

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Last week, just one month shy of us having her 10 years, Phoebe suffered a stroke and passed away. Since coming to live with us at the age of 4, Phoebe was typical Lab – never passing up an opportunity to sniff and dump the trash can, beg for a treat or some people food…

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On 1/16/17, our lovely Labbie, Chloe, got her wings. She was 13 and had been with us since she was 4 months old. From the beginning Chloe was an exceptional Lab. One accident in the house, no countersurfing or wastebasket diving, and, she only chewed up 1 pair of shoes. The first night, we told…

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Dear CILRA and Judy K. – We wanted you to know that our black Lab, Colby (Buddy – CILRA tag #000683) was put to rest on Thursday, December 29, 2016.  Colby had been fighting cancer for about a year and a half.  He hid his pain well and for a long time.  Colby was a…

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Sad news about Delilah (pictured as an 8 year old youngster and in her final days), CILRA “senior” adoptee, who became a member of our pack in May 2011. Delilah began having occasional mild seizures over the summer, but as the frequency and severity of the seizures increased in mid-September, our poor old girl suffered…

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